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Lingotopia is a language learning game about the feeling of being lost in a city where you don't speak the language. 

This page used to be the place where you could download the demo of the game. Now that the game's available, there's a sepperate itch page:



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ist eventuell auch die thailändische Sprache geplant?

It´s possible to get this game for thai language and with german translation some day?


Are you going to make a 32-bit version

I just tried out the demo and I love it! I can see that you have obviously put a lot of work and effort into this game and I can't wait to see where it goes!

Some feedback about the gaming experience:

I loved the difficulty of talking to, and understanding the characters. I felt like I had been thrown into a different world and was confused by the inhabitants language but the hints helped and I can't wait until I learn more words so I can use context clues to figure out whats going on,

I love the dictionary that generates with the words I have already learned! It is very helpful! I also liked the ability to use it to show progress! I would open it periodically and was always shocked that I had learned more words than I thought.

I love that you marked which characters had dialogue in the game so I wasn't just randomly clicking on people.

I love the diversity of languages available!

I love how fun this is and it is definitely something I would encourage teachers and friends to look into. The learning potential from this is amazing and I could see it being useful for all ages!

I disliked how the camera moved. I was getting dizzy with all of the spinning and I wish the camera was more stable or had an option that could make it stable.

I disliked how you have to click to move. I would prefer using the keyboard to move and I think it would be helpful to have the dictionary as a hot key in case someone wanted to look up a word.

I would like to see an intro or journal or quest log that would help guide characters along towards the end goal of the game.

I also would love a map in the corner so I can see where I am going and where I have been.

I know you are hard at work making this game come to life so I hope my feedback helps and I wish you luck and support!

Hey, Theadear, Since the developer removed the download for the demo since the kickstarter finished do you still have the game files? and could you send me them?, I'd love to try it (either by email or by sendanywhere etc)

Interesting idea! I made a little video of the game here :) 

Awesome! Thanks so much Jupiter!

Hi Tristan! I tried the demo for Lingotopia after the Kickstarter got my interest . I have a few suggestions I think could improve the game. 

First, it would be nice to have the options to use WASD when walking around in the game, mostly because the walking + the click sound gets annoying  after awhile.

Second, I wish after you clicked on a object to learn the translated terms that you can not click on the object again.  It was a problem when I tried to go up the stairs and it kept showing the translation or  when I accidentally clicked on objects I already knew about. I think the dictionary would be enough to let the player remember the terms.

Lastly, I just want to say I am excited for this project since I never seen anything similar :)

Hi Tristan, Ulrike and I just tried the German/English version which seemed to have the most phrases and sentences.  (Still a few translations to be fixed, e.g. the  same "Meer" for a few English words) . We couldn't figure how and when the sentences flew in, but we can see the potential when the guy starts to engage people in dialogues. You already a did a lot of work, identifying objects works with translate.(We'll also ask our developer son to play as he is more of a a video game player than us.)

Thanks for playing! There definitely still are several issues remaining and I'll do my best to fix those issues soon!

This seems to be a really exciting, I wish there was an option to learn Polish!

thanks! Hopefully I'll have Polish translations one day :)

[This review is based on experience from the Spanish section of the game]

I feel like the gameplay is rough on the edges and could use some work. Finding the people who are going to speak with me are just a little bit too far away to ensure perfect engagement to the game. 

One thing I'd like to see out of this game in the future is for some kind of story based element to it. Think of it like this - you are lost in the city and find someone willing to take you in to help you around and get  your footing in communicating with the locals. They bring you in and treat you as their own while showing you various items and telling you what they mean as well as connections to other things and verb conjugations.

Think of a section in the living room of a house where the guy shows you his family and runs down the various verb conjugations for, say, hablar, using you and his family and people-props to demonstrate.

This has lots of potential, keep at it!

Thanks a lot for your feedback and kind words!

I'll work hard on including that in future versions of the game. The people you can talk to are definitely too few and far between at the moment! And good idea with the guide, I'd had an idea like that a while ago but lost sight of it along the way. Will see what I can come up with!

We, at gamesforlaguage.com are interested in games for language learning. We'll be in interested in your progress , will try your game, and provide some feedback!

great! Thank you!

The seed for what could be a great game, for sure. There's not much actual language learning yet, since other than clicking on selected items, there's not a lot of context for the words you learn. Hopefully that's something that gets added at some point as you get the mechanics solidified and start deepening the NPC interactions.

I managed to get outside the town through a gap near the sailboats, onto a largely empty plain. 

how do I save?

Save game support will only be in the game as of the next update. 

you should improve the audio, the audio on Swedish is terrible :/

yup, I plan on replacing that synthesized speech at some point

lovely :D your game is amazing by the way, I love the concept of it, plus I think it'll help lot's of people learning languages

thanks so much!


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[2017-09-21 @ 10:41:28.197] [launch] itch 23.4.1 launching game 109672: Lingotopia
[2017-09-21 @ 10:41:28.198] [launch] looking for manifest @ "/home/hopeless/.config/itch/apps/Lingotopia/.itch.toml"
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    "path": "Lingotopia-Linux.x86_64",
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    "score": 100
    "path": "Lingotopia-Linux.x86",
    "weight": 27824412,
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    "path": "Lingotopia-Linux.x86",
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    "path": "Lingotopia-Linux.x86_64",
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[2017-09-21 @ 10:41:28.408] [launch/poker] candidates after arch disambig: [
    "path": "Lingotopia-Linux.x86",
    "weight": 27824412,
    "depth": 1,
    "score": 100,
    "arch": "386"
[2017-09-21 @ 10:41:28.410] [launch/native] executing '/home/hopeless/.config/itch/apps/Lingotopia/Lingotopia-Linux.x86' on 'linux' with args ''
[2017-09-21 @ 10:41:28.411] [launch/native] no app isolation
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[2017-09-21 @ 10:41:28.414] [launch/native] working directory: /home/hopeless/.config/itch/apps/Lingotopia
[2017-09-21 @ 10:41:28.421] [launch/native] command: /home/hopeless/.config/itch/apps/Lingotopia/Lingotopia-Linux.x86
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[2017-09-21 @ 10:41:29.278] [diego] diego here, looking around

Deleted 2 years ago

Hi, thanks for the feedback! I agree with you 100%. These are issues that I've tackled and should be much improved when I release the next update of the game ( 1-2 months from now).

Wow, I like how this is improving! Great that you got featured too!!!



This is a really fun game with a really good concept. I love that this is a way to learn new words from many different languages and I really think you've created something special. Hopefully my video on your game will get more people to see it and will help you get more people to translate things. I wish you well in the games development and hope I helped. 

thanks so much for the kind words and your video! It's always super helpful to see people play the game

No problem

Awesome game! I made a Hungarian translation for you! :) I am exciting to the whole story to play.

(A closer camera would be better :D and maybe wasd, it could be a full adventure game too, realy cool!)

I would be happy if i can help with anything :D

awesome! Thank you so much! That's super helpful.

The next version will have a much better camera and I'll also think about adding WASD

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Can't wait to see :D Nice Work!

really nice! what is the license? do you plan to use some free software license, to allow collaborators to get into the project? what technologies and tools are you using for development? 

Thanks! The game is being made in Unity3D, with the modelling being done in Houdini.
I'm not going to distribute it using a free software license, since I'd like to release it commercially when it's done.

This game has great potential. I'm not sure how I feel about the "ding" sound every time I click to move. It was cute then progressively got annoying. Maybe there could be an option to keep moving while the mouse is held down or move with the keyboard?

Lingotopia looks quite amazing. Any chance for a Linux release?

When asking the player to type a word, explicitly state you want the English word ... during my first try I lost all my hearts from typing the word to be translated instead of the English translation.

Thanks for the tip, I've changed that and will upload a new build with the change soon

I found it useful for learning a few words! I'd love to see an expanded version

Yay! I'm working on it. I'll release new demos like this every few months. Each time with a few more words to learn. Thanks for playing!